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Beck & Partners is not an

ordinary headhunting company. 

The circle of our services widely embraces the field of human resources

and exceeds the traditional headhunter model.


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The complex solutions we offer to our clients and future partners are not only cover the field of human resources services, but by our innovative, flexible methods and advanced technical background that suits for the challenges of our era, carry the seeds of quick and economical opportunities of co-operation.


There are many myths surrounding the headhunting. Many headhunter have many answers. In Hungary, the classic headhunting pushed into the background. A headhunter recently worked only on request not advertising. Nowadays the Internet is becoming more and more prevalent so the modern headhunter work via internet and other portals like social network. In our work we also have a variety of classic and modern tools used to success.

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A company's success depends on the right professionals to work in the right place. It is important to know that the bad recruiting and selection can make unsuccessful company. 
Our business activities and the recruitment and selection:
  • Recruitment and selection of advertising and filtration
  • Recruitment and selection of advertising and filtration and research database
  • Recruitment and selection of advertising and filtration and research database and combined with telephone interviews.

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A highly qualified and experienced managers to search most successful, most trusted - and of the Principal-way for most of the executive search, that is, the direct / immediate search. A specialist is looking for direct screening method so he is completely conveyed to the client so the entrusting can be decided judiciously.  The executive search is the most reliable and most comprehensive search method.This method is usually the selection of senior managers and based only on an active researcher.So we provide the best specialist.

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The pledge of our company's speed, flexibility and reliability is our software, which can also make your company's recruitment and selcetion processes more effective .

Using the best of our 15-year experience in the field of recruitment and selection, our colleagues created one of the most advanced and versatile recruitment and workforce selection software on the domestic HR market.

Practically, this system can be integrated into any workplace IT environment because it is accessible via simple web-based browsers.

HR specialists interested in the software are provided comprehensive services (deployment, calibration, customization and online support) in a leasing construction which efficiently supports and facilitates the entire recruitment and selection process.

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