Executive Search

The most effective, most confident and – for the Client – most advantageous method of finding highly skilled, successful and experienced executives is Executive Search, i.e. direct searching.
This method is recommended and expedient especially in cases where the searching process requires a global market research due to the importance, authority of the desired specialist’s position, his value added to the successfulness of the client company or the exceptionally special system of requirements of the company, and time is also a vital factor. Executive Search is a search method that meets the highest expectations of confidence and profoundness (therefore even of quality), primarily for searching and selecting senior executives, based exclusively on active work of research without exception. During direct searching, we make a compleat survey of the market segment of the desired specialist, therefore, all information will be available for the Client to make a well-founded decision in selecting the new executive.
During the Executive Search, the commissioned position would not be advertised, our head-hunter colleagues get to the appropriate specialists using exclusively the methods of direct search via professional commendations on several channels (databases, Internet, personal and professional web of relationships).


Direkt keresés = megtalálni a legjobbat



The fundamental condition of our Executive Search service is to get acquainted with the position to be filled up as clearly as possible.
  • Its position within the organisational hierarchy, province of authority, subordination and superordination
  • Detailed, expressed and even unexpressed professional and human expectations concerning the position
  • Priorities, compensatory package
On account of being able to transfer the appropriate specialist whose personality particularly harmonises with the corporate culture, the future working conditions, colleagues, subordinates and superiors must be thoroughly explored. Accordingly, though to the extent of the provided possibilities, we endeavour to get acquainted with these people and appraise the atmosphere during a visit organised explicitly for this purpose.


Our expert colleagues would then set to work after and in virtue of the above:
1. The detailed description of the position would be prepared. According to those discussed on the appointments, the sphere of activity, the professional and personal profile to fill it up would be defined (including qualifications, experiences, special expectations and all other information that would constitute the fundaments of the process of the selection). The job description for the position would also include the compensational package that we take an actively part in preparing if necessary: based on the available database of candidates we check out the payment limit and expectations of specialists working in similar positions, and on its basis, we may suggest a competitive compensatory package.
2. The strategy for researching would be harmonised and prepared. Based on the requirements, the potential target group would be arranged and also a list of the companies our client would be pleased to acquire specialists from. The strategy for researching includes companies that are subject to interdiction of research. These, like our client’s partners, intermediaries or other cooperating enterprises, excluded from the scope of our research.
3. After the approval of the strategy, the direct search would begin. This is a targeted and creative process that includes expounding the position to the potential candidates according to the “long list” contained in the prepared research material – of course without revealing the identity of our client and with the highest discretion.
4. After the consultations the adequate candidates are picked out. This is the step when the first and second interviews are made, including the verification of the existence of the personal and professional competences, the exploration of personal career motivations and the verification of the references.
5. The short list would be developed and presented. Specialists who performed satisfactorily during the interviews and the professional tests, will make up the so-called “short list”, i.e. the list of the picked out candidates. the short list contains the professional CV, the results of the possibly applied professional test of the persons who passed the interviews, and the view our expert colleagues formed from their experience on the interviews concerning the candidates’ professional and personal qualities. This is the list from which our client may choose those persons whom they would like to meet and interview on a personal introduction.
6. Selection and Closing. The interviews made at the client’s company would be talked over and evaluated together with our client, and, if required, make a suggestion on the specialist we consider most adequate, or provide technical support for making an independent decision. Candidates having been interviewed but not selected would be informed on the closing of the process.


As a confirmation on the standard of our service, we undertake a guarantee for any transferred specialist, therefore at the proof of their unambiguous inadequacy the search would be repeated for free. Of course, we follow up the performance of the specialists we have transferred and the contentment of our client, and regularly inquire about the process of integration and we advocate it by consultancy as demanded.

We take a survey of the entire professional segment of the specialist hunted during the Executive Search, so when selecting a new colleague, our client will be provided with all necessary information for making the decision. A direct hunting project – depending on the special expectations of the position – normally takes 6 to 8 weeks, while the guarantee period concerning the transferred and employed specialist – according to the needs – lasts normally 6 to 12 months.

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