Our software received the Hungarian Quality Product Award

Significant Breakthrough in the HR profession 
Beck & Partners' HR Cloud received the Hungarian Quality Product Award 
Deservedly popular in HR circles, recruitment and workforce selection software HR Cloud was awarded the Hungarian Quality Product Award after a decision by a jury of specialists. Developed by Beck & Partners International HR Consulting Ltd, the system is used with success by a wide variety of big companies. Thanks to the unique technical solutions, its functions and competitive price, it greatly facilitates the work of HR departments. Now it has been awarded the most prestigious prize for innovation and results.
Unique quality and value
The idea behind the Hungarian Quality Product Award quality certification system is to reward high-quality domestic or domestically distributed products and services. Therefore those who receive this award must represent outstanding quality with their product, emphasized by the voluntary manufacturer’s and distributor’s warranty, thus reflecting the distinguished and continuously maintained quality.
Awarded for the first time to a head-hunting company, this is an exceptional achievement within the HR profession. Beck & Partners International HR Consulting Ltd has had a stable position on the recruitment market for the last 15 years. In order to increase the efficiency of their work, they developed a software program which successfully facilitates their recruitment and selection processes.
In addition to efficiency, innovative technical solutions and capabilities, the jury of specialists considered various other aspects as well, and found that the HR Cloud developed by Beck & Partners International HR Consulting Ltd is the best in the category of HR products. 
Keeping qualified workforce in Hungary
In Hungary there is a significant lack of professionally qualified workforce in certain areas, such as production engineers, IT specialists, financial specialists or well-trained skilled workers. The number of specialists produced by the system of education is significantly lagging behind the market demand. Competition is dire on the employer side as well – therefore, speed is of essence. Without adequate software support and administration, the completion of selection processes may span months, by which time the best specialists frequently find employment elsewhere. This is one of the reasons why it is crucial for employers to perform selection as fast as possible.
It is an unfortunate tendency that both young and experienced specialists leave Hungary for the prospect of better opportunities abroad. However, the accelerated selection processes offered by the HR Cloud increases the chances of Hungarian employers for employing highly skilled professionals while keeping domestic talent in Hungary. Clients are saying it more and more often and their own experience confirms that specialists working abroad are successfully offered attractive jobs in Hungary. A large part of the success is due to the accelerated selection processes and other cutting-edge functions embedded into the HR Cloud. 
Support for small and medium businesses
Based on information regularly collected from their existing and hopeful business clients, they are striving to answer all demands and challenges as fast as possible. Therefore, they developed the SMB version of the HR Cloud, opening towards the market of small Hungarian-owned enterprises. Currently, the vast majority of their customers are large companies, but their latest deployment occurred at Florin Ltd, a company with less than 100 employees. This construction and the corresponding prices allowed them access to an entire new segment of the market and made it possible to fine-tune their HR processes. 
Cutting-edge tools & social media 
HR Cloud is envisioned as the ultimate hub for cutting-edge technical solutions. Therefore, it is particularly important to exploit all opportunities offered by 21st century technologies such as seamless communication with social media platforms. For instance, the Facebook page of Auchan Hungary Ltd was provided with an integrated career module serving HR branding purposes as it is suitable for sharing content with employees and it also allows candidates to submit applications. Similar steps have been taken towards integrating LinkedIn as well. The final objective is to maximize the advantage provided by all the different social media platforms within the system. 
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