HR Cloud - Recruitment & selection software

A modern solution to the problems of recruitment and selection
Applying the essence of an almost 15-year experience in recruitment and selection, fellow workers of Beck & Partners Ltd. created one of the most modern and most wide-ranging recruitment and selection software programmes of the national HR market. The software may be adapted to practically any IT environment, since it may be used on the the web via a simple Internet browser. HR specialists may employ the resources of HR Cloud in the framework of a comprehensive service (setup, adjusting, customising to the corporate image and online support), in a lease form.
Time Is Money, Efficiency Is a Key Issue…
The HR Cloud is a web-based software customised to the processes of recruitment and selection that provides HR staffs a complex solution for a fast and efficient performance of their duties, starting from the job offer, via pre-screening and selection, to the employment of the adequate specialist.
No more unanswered applications!
The system of the HR Cloud at all times gives feedbacks to the users: when You evaluate a submitted application, the owner of the application will receive a notification via email within 24 hours, that is, a concrete personal feedback on the result of the evaluation. In addition, You may customise the text of the feedback.
You may forward your job offers to hundreds of thousands of job hunters by some clicks!
The system of the HR Cloud actually provides You an own corporate career portal on which You may upload a new job offer by filling out a short data sheet. If You turn on the offer-synchronising module when submitting your job offer, it will appear not only on your own career portal, but also on the Vérdí Community Job Portal and/or the Beck & Partners web page. By means of the automatic features of the precisely harmonised systems, the new job offer may reach hundreds of thousands of job hunters at once!
Group work and mobility at the same time.
The HR Cloud provides a complete functionality for the independent, though correlating group work of the HR Division. Due to its web-based interface, whichever part of the world You are on, your candidates, calendar and duties are a click away from You – what is more, all this requires is a cell phone that supplies Internet.
A Register Accompanied with Modern Features of Organisation
Your interviews may be organised nonchalantly with the help of the easy-to-use calendar module of the HR Cloud, linked to the specific searching project and the invited candidates. And once the interview has been made, the facts experienced on the interview, and, by a short datasheet, your impressions and opinion on the candidate, may be recorded into the personal materials of the interviewed candidate. The interview reports may be observed on the candidates’ datasheets, therefore all further data besides the CVs are always available.
And Own, Regularly and Automatically Updated Candidate Database.
The HR Cloud will stop CVs or applications from getting lost. Data uploaded by the candidates may be searched by a keyword and/or parameterised filtering, and may be stored in a structured data base. Due to the background functions of the candidate database, candidates who have logged up earlier will receive an email every half year that notifies them to refresh their CVs. Therefore, You may have an own, regularly updated candidate register that contains the all-updated information.
Internal Staff Member Referral System
Fundaments of the staff member referral module corresponds to the features of Vérdí Community Job Portal operated by our company:
  • Referring persons to be registered independently per positions
  • Referred persons to be registered independently per positions
  • Referring and referred statuses unanimously registered to user identifiers
The above described precise registry of the referral system that may be operated as an internal application requires the online registration of the referring persons (existing staff members), so they will keep on receiving the uploaded job offers continuously. They are motivated to forward the job offer to their qualified acquaintances, by the success fee offered for the case of employing the adequate person. 
Using the internal staff member referral system, your job offer may get to persons who might be adequate candidates though they are not hunting for job actively, not searching for job portals, nevertheless they would apply a suitable offer appearing on the horizon.
Continuous Development and Constant Data Security…
Operator of the HR Cloud Beck & Partners Ltd. applies the version of the HR Cloud optimised for head-hunting companies. For the sake of our own and our clients’ security, our system is continuously developed and expanded. New features developed in this respect get activated uniformly in all of our Clients’ systems, so the latest techniques and most magnificent innovations will be provided for all HR Cloud users. The system of HR Cloud runs on the servers of our company, so we ensure data security on the highest level possible, given that we also store our data on these servers.
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