Have you had any experience with a head-hunter company? Have you been contended or discontented?

To our thinking, the capital reasons when a headhunting company cannot discover the appropriate person for a position are as follows:
  • they did not really apprehend the client company, its structure, its culture, activity, or
  • they did not really apprehend the position, the expectations, it is as much as saying that they do not know what purpose the future colleague shall answer.


Therefore, the first thing we keep in view during our activity is UNDERSTANDING.

Our consultants put considerable emphasis on personally discussing the details of the specific position without exception. We consider it important to acquire an ever deeper sagacity over the duties and expectations and over the conceived ideal candidate. This preparation work may not be skipped. Be the target an executive, a specialist or an assistant, the energy put into understanding will be refunded anyway, for in this manner, You will not have to deal with candidates who would not meet the expectations.
A professional headhunter would not transfer “nearly good” candidates. A professional head-hunter transfer specialists for the client who are professionally completely adequate and fit into the corporate culture hundred percent.
Therefore, in a personnel transfer commission, our consultants would converse with the professional superior and colleagues of the new colleague to be employed, they take a look at the workplace (even the factory or the production line!), thus obtaining a fairly detailed view of the work moral, attitude, corporate culture and company structure of the client company. These are useful information for us that would help us not only present professionally adequate candidates, but find You new colleagues who will even humanly fit perfectly into the corporate team.
The basis of the result acceptable for both parties is the perfect understanding of the position. This phase would be followed by hard work and endeavour - also an indispensable part of the head-hunting activity. After initiating a particular demand, we activate the system of relations developed in years and years, we organise and manage the recruitment campaign, and a myriad of telephone and personal interviews is required to find the adequate person for You.
The accomplishment of each commission is the responsibility of a Consultant, a Recruitment and Selection Specialist (researcher) and a HR Assistant:
  • The primary searching is performed by the HR Assistants, with the supervision and guidance of the researchers responsible for the specific speciality.
  • The skills, competences and professional foundation of the specialists considered adequate according to the search would be appraised in interviews by recruitment and selection specialists.
  • The candidates who had success on the personality and professional and language tests they qualified for after the first interview would then be interviewed by the consultant responsible for that specific position.
This process results in a package landing on your desk containing CVs of the candidates who have passed these steps and we consider them adequate for the professional and human expectations You have raised.
During this work, we always keep in view that our Client put a trust on us and expects a result. Therefore, during the whole process of search, our Clients are informed all the while about the progress, the number of candidates to be interviewed and all other results and facts, so they may be fully aware of the current situation of the search. Finally, we would like to make it clear that the end result of our work is not an “employed new colleague”, but a new colleague who supplies his / her duties successfully on the long run, thereby advancing the development of the company.

In conclusion:

Those above are the basics of our head-hunting “ars poetica”.
All this, combined with our professional experience of several years, a candidate database and a system of relations of more than hundred thousand excellent specialists, our professional consultants are ready to line up their expertise to Your service. 
Feel free to contact us: we will answer and help!